When you have been accused of a crime in Massachusetts, you need a defense attorney in order to help protect your rights. Even if you are guilty of committing the crime you have been accused of, it’s important that you receive quality counsel from a skilled criminal defense attorney. A skilled and successful lawyer can help you navigate the legal system so you have the best opportunity of achieving an equitable outcome. And remember, being innocent doesn’t guarantee that you will be found innocent. You need skilled representation either way.

You have two basic options when selecting a criminal defense attorney. You may request a public defender, who will be appointed by the court, if you cannot afford to hire a lawyer of your own. You may also hire the lawyer you think is best suited to providing you with quality counsel. This first decision is often based on what you are able to afford. If you cannot afford the lawyer of your choice, then you may need to settle for a public defender.

If you do choose your own counsel, you need to consider the qualifications of the attorneys available to you, as well as their fees. A criminal defense attorney should have experience handling the type of case you are involved in. The attorney should also be able to disclose his or her success rate. The attorney you select should be passionate about your rights and should be willing and able to fight for your rights in the court room.

The punishments doled out to defendants convicted of a crime can impact the rest of your life. A conviction could reduce your educational and employment opportunities, as well as eliminating certain personal liberties. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect and fight for your rights if you are accused of any crime. Contact Attorney Bruce Watson to discuss your case and learn your options.

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