The ongoing revelations of misconduct by the State Police are certainly disturbing. If you have not been following the scandal over the past year, here is a summary of what we have learned so far:

-There has been widespread abuse of the overtime system by state troopers at least since 2011. Troopers would claim overtime for shifts they never worked. The practice was known about within the State Police at least since 2011, according to recent reporting in the Boston Globe.

-The overtime abuse was so rampant within Troop E of the State Police that authorities have dissolved it rather than attempt to salvage it.

-Separate from the overtime issue, the former head of payroll at the State Police pleaded guilty early this summer to stealing almost $24,000 from the agency.

-The top two officials at the State Police resigned after whistleblower troopers alleged they had ordered them to alter an OUI incident report because the driver was the daughter of a prominent judge.
It is this last scandal that provides the greatest opening for contesting State Police’s evidence, but since it is a one-time incident involving a high-profile defendant, it may not provide as much help to you as if the State Police altered police reports as often as they altered their overtime sheets.

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